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“The awakening of CONSCIOUSNESS

Is the next evolutionary step for mankind”

- Eckhart Tolle -

Image by Jeremy Thomas


When you have the wish to undergo a deep transformation and reach the next level of personal development, you cannot avoid training your daily consciousness first.


In society education is often being confused with intelligence and same is true for intelligence vs consciousness.


Awareness of your true self is the most powerful tool in your ascension process.   If you wish for a fulfilled life on all levels, you need to understand that this is not possible without finding transforming your shadow sides. In order to identify those you must recognize these, you must recognize your true self - your soul. Know who you are in truth. I’m not telling you anything on spirituality because you are a spiritual being by nature already. That’s not what this is about. I will support you in bringing into light everything that is hiding in your subconsciousness, layer by layer.  So that you can live the fulfilled life you came here for.


Selfconsciousness and Selfconfidence

Be conscious of yourself!


Do you often feel small, give too much space to other people, circumstances, etc. and suppress your true personality? This can happen in your relationship, family, job, circle of friends and also simply in everyday life, that you always have the impression to allow others too much and yourself too little.

This is because you are not aware of yourself, your true personality, your value! You can not develop all your potential that you have brought with you in this way! As soon as you start to live your potential, the quality of life automatically increases.


Setting healthy boundaries and feeling better, worthier in your daily life on all levels will develop into a totally natural process. Your presence and charisma is uplifted, everything is working out with ease.

As soon as you go into your true self love and self-worthiness, your environment will start to reflect it back on you. With success, happiness, acknowledgement, wealth.   

Deine persönliche Transformation – Spin!Up your life

Your personal transformation – Spin!Up your life

Your transformation starts in the here and now. We will be transforming old energies and vibrations in your body and your subconsciousness that contain and cause unwanted programming.


Grace Integrity® is working holistically with the latest newest frequencies, in alignment with the universal laws and in 5D only. It is an innovative integrated way of coaching and individual guidance with the purpose of personal development.   


It is not necessary and sometimes even dangerous to work with old mindset-based methods. As the World is currently in an unprecedented transition process, such ego-based methods have less and less effect or create other effects than the desired one, sometimes even low dual experiences. All 3D/4D methods which are using mindset, affirmations, vision boards, journaling and similar practices create another ego-reality.   


All those things will automatically retreat into the background in the near future as they just do not work and have no effect at all or even unwanted effects.

Now the time of the soul has come to step on her rightful place in the center of our life and decisions while the mind in its deconditioned state takes over it’s initial executive function.  

„Instinct is something which transcends knowledge. We have, undoubtedly, certain finer fibers that enable us to perceive truths when logical deduction, or any other willful effort of the brain, is futile. “

Nikola Tesla – (1856-1943)

„Meine Expertise für Dein Wachstum“
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Since my childhood I have used the ability to listen to my soul impulses, my inner compass and my inner knowing, while my mind and my also very well-developed analytical abilities served more for execution and implementation than for finding the truth. Before I knew that this will be the central order of the new era.


Since about my mid-twenties I have been intensively involved with quantum theories, have studied many works of corresponding authors and scientists and apply the universal laws in my personal life. 


I developed my sense to feel energies and vibrations of places, people and situations.


Now I joyfully pass on my accumulated knowledge paired with the skills, tools and methods from Grace Integrity® to people who feel the change and have decided to bring their own lives to a new level and thus also make a collective contribution to the ascension of the planet.


It is essential to be able to distinguish between esotericism, New Age, pseudo-spirituality vs. serious quantum physics and frequency-based work, if you don't just want to have a good time with a colorful journal, or manifest any ego creation, but are ready for the real transformation, a serious step to the next higher level of consciousness and the higher quality of life that comes with it!


The process

Congratulation on your decision! 

You have recognized that there is only one way you can go: The way SELF-consciousness.  


Together we will take this path of your ascension for at least three or months.  


I accompany you with personal support in which we will


  • Work with frequencies as well as

  • Train in depth your consciousness in everyday life,

  • Bring your handling of daily challenges to a new level

  • Work out your true soul path

  • Balance your energies.


In the course of the entire accompaniment I hold an energetic space for you.


Within this space you have the possibility to get a deeper feeling of yourself and easily recognize your soul, your light as well as your shades and their origin.

You will learn how to easily transform the low vibrating aspects into high energy on your own.


In the same time I will support you with the Energetische Aufrichtung® and Grace Integrity® Healings.


In the end of the program you will


  • have uplifted your self-esteem, self-consciousness, self-worth and self-love and benefit from a stronger visibility and external perception


  • Feel more present, and liberated in terms of social life and communication 


  • Have a higher and sensitive general consciousness  


  • Know the next steps to unfold your full potential 


  • Understand how energies work within yourself, their impact on your life and how to regulate them independently. 


  • See and feel how the feminine and the masculine energies within you are more balanced than before and understand why that is so important 


  • Have learned about the root causes of the dramas you created on your life so far


  • Have unveiled and transformed deep unconscious blockages and dark sides, so that nothing stands in your way to the next breakthrough anymore.



As your guide I will give you all the necessary tools, knowledge and frequencies. I will help you to look into your own depths.

In return I expect your openness, honesty with yourself, responsibility, cooperation and necessary self-reflection when conducting the exercises and during the work with your shades. 

We will walk the path of the soul! To make it possible for your ego to take its right place as the executive instance you will need to learn how to take control of it. This process requires your full attention, willingness and consistency! 

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“The small self thinks – the true self knows”

-The Guides through Paul Selig-

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