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Was ist energetic straightening©

What is Energetische Aufrichtung®

Energetische Aufrichtung® in Grace Integrity® is a process happening on the level of the soul and spirit level, that is releasing deep blockages at ther root cause and is therefore able to also have influence on the physical body.


 While common forms of therapy mostly operate from the outside and impact symptoms only, Energetische Aufrichtung® is working deeply  at the source level of a blockage or imbalance – inside out. 


Malpositions, physical imbalance, such as unequal leg lenght, pelvic obliquity, hunched back, hollow back as well as illness in general manifest in the body when the spiritual signs and hints to solve specific mental issues are being ignored by the person over long period of time.


With Energetische Aufrichtung® I initiate the transformation process of those mental issues for you – with the help oft he highest possible energy from the source! So that you can activate your self-healing powers. Depending on the intensity of the blockage in your soul, your readiness and willingness for transformation the physical effects are visible within a short time.

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The Spine

(lat. Spina).

The spine is our central channel of information.


It is connected with all organs, vertebra by vertebra. 


At the same time it storages and reflecting and representing all our emotions, actions, behavioral patterns and thought processes. 


Emotional burdens are stored in the spine – the conscious but even more the unconscios and the inherited.

Für wen ist energetic straightening©

Who needs Energetische Aufrichtung®

Most often, people with back pain and bad posture ask for my help, such as pelvic obliquity, scoliosis, back curvature, leg length discrepancy, hollow back, hunched back, protruding neck, neck pain, etc..


Do you have a misalignment, such as a leg length discrepancy, but no pain and are not aware of any mental burdens? - Why wait until the pain comes with age? A leg length discrepancy and any other form of misalignment is already a disbalance. This means that something is out of balance and not doing you any good - even if you don't know what it is or don't perceive it (yet), because you still don't have a comparison of what it would be like to be free of it.


You have (back) pain, but are not aware of any malposition? These can be hidden. In any case, your body wants to let you know through the pain that you should urgently deal with a behavior or mindset. Symptom treatments such as massages, any form of numbing, and physical exercises alone will not tell you what it is, so it will keep coming back until you deal with it.


You have neither back pain, nor bad posture? if you are already so balanced, that's wonderful!:) Energetische Aufrichtung® can also support you to improve your general health, to become more vital and creative - especially by connecting you to the highest light oft he source via the spine as the information channel and by bringing your emotions and thoughts into the Perfect Universal Order, so that you also stay fit. Energetische Aufrichtung® is perfect for absolutely everyone, regardless of age, life situation, health condition or anything else, to balance your soul and reach a higher level of consciousness!

„You can’t wait fort hat healing to feel wholeness. You have to feel wholeness for that healing to occur.“ – Dr. Joe Dispenza

Blockaden, seelische Aspekte

Blockades, emotional aspects

In the first step it is not decisive whether you are aware of your blockages and mental issues that have led to the physical complaints or not. If the body sends you an alarm signal and expresses something, it means that something is present!

Through the process of restoring the perfect universal order in your spine, the issues and insights come into your consciousness on their own. You will notice the difference, how it is to be free of it - a new attitude towards life!


 For me personally, there were several issues: My spine was in a total malposition before Energetische Aufrichtung®, including pelvic obliquity, leg length difference, hollow back, hunchback, protruding ribs and sternum, up to a jaw misalignment and asymmetries in the face. I had countless realizations about situations that were stored from the past and were weighing me down, while thanks to Energetische Aufrichtung® they went away. Besides unpleasant everyday situations, my bigger pain topics were openness and trust, self-love and self-worth, as well as the distorted and imbalanced relationship between the sexes in society. everything is now integrated, healed and no longer a trigger point for me.


The issues you personally have to bring into healing, of course, can be completely different!

I am happy to find out together with you what it is that you let yourself bend to be able to free yourself from it!

Ablauf und was du erhältst

Procedure and what you get

After booking and successful payment you will receive time suggestions

for the transfer.


It takes place as a remote session.


You will get some hints on how to intensify the process yourself, so that the effect can unfold in the best possible way for you.


After a few days we can discuss in writing or by phone what you have perceived. If you have booked the package, we will immediately arrange the follow-up appointment. This is recommended only after about 10-30 days, because the energy continues to work after the transfer.



You are warmly welcome to join a group session on every first day of each month: at a reduced price of 300 euros only!
The transmissions take place the whole day without a fixed time.
This is suitable, for example, for trying it out, for your first encounter with the energy frequencies, to experience their mode of action, or also as a refresher.

Please note that an individual transfer is more intensive, because only you are in focus. If you want to discuss your situation or have questions and if you wish some personal support, I also recommend you the single session.
In this case you can also arrange the date and time individually. If you want an overall transformation of your (self)consciousness and an upgrade of your life situation, I recommend my package Spin!Up Your Life.
Feel free to contact me and we will find the right solution for you!

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