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Spine Alignment "Energetische Aufrichtung by Patricia St.Clair®" 

Group (from 3 adults) pP                                                           

Group session on the 1st every month          



Grace Integrity® Soul Embodiment 3:1


Grace Integrity® Healing, 48 hrs

Group (from 3 adults) pP                                                            

Group session at fixed date always on the second

of the month      


300 €

300 €

600 €

369 € 


200 €

200 €

300 €

Children up to 12 years: reduced, 50% of the adult price


You can also do something good for your pet with Energetische Aufrichtung®

and Grace Integrity® Healings!

Price upon request


- Your holistic transformation program for more (self-)awareness


The program takes place as a 1:1 accompaniment in a 3- or

6-month format.

It includes weekly one-hour video calls, and several frequency transmissions, including Energetische Aufrichtung® and Grace Integrity® Healings.


The amount of energy transmissions and the corresponding price will be determined individually during the preliminary consultation.


Come to me, so that we can discuss your personal situation, and I can create an individually tailored to your needs offer!


I am happy to accompany you to your true

self - consciousness!


Much love and see you soon,


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