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Image by Shahadat Rahman


The key to *self* - confidence is hidden in your spine

Are you living your full potential in all areas of your life?

Or do you feel there is so much more within you…? If only all those inner boundaries and blockages would disapper?


Honestly: are you always and everywhere being real, yourself and live the way you wish? In your job, business, family life, in terms of health?

Or do you feel like locked in a cage? Cought between your own behavioral patterns, your fear, and all those limtations you allow other to out on you and to cross the line? 

Do you have the feeling like you are playing many different roles, being always someone else to please everyone and to meet common expectations? Sometimes you feel like you just don’t know who you are anymore?


Furthermore you are plagued by back pain and your inner disbalance makes ist presence felt with malposition, scoliosis, leg-lenght discrepancy and other signs of total unbalance!

You have come to terms with that so far, and still you long for experiencing how it feels to finally really be in harmony with your true self…That’s possible for you!


You wish you could live to the full all your talents, faculties as well as the love and all the beauty you have within you? To enrich your environment and the World with YOU?
To feel all around happy because you finally can be yourself, no matter where you are at the moment and who you are talking to?

In this case this is the right thing for you!

Your true self, your soul is so beautiful and unique!
I will help you to unfold, to free it from all veils and shadows, to tackle them at their root, so that you can finally on all levels feel fulflilled and truly yourself.

Because that’s what you’re here for!

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HI, I’m Irina!

Your expert for frequency-based holistic transformation

I came into this world with a congenital malposition of my spine.

Most of my life I struggled with the pain and the unaesthetic appearance and tried to integrate this into my life somehow. 


I tried everything – from corsets over osteopathy, massages, injections, pills, excersices and even collected information on surgery options. After all there was a time I thought I just have to resign myself to this situation.  


Until I suddenly realized something that had always been intuitively present: the body is just a reflection of the programs running inside you! In addition to the physical transformation, I experienced a liberation of my true personality from everything that had previously held me back in many areas of my life.


Now I know exactly: the body is a reflection of the inner state!
Sustainable change can only happen inside-out. Meanwhile I am happy and thankful that I can share and spead this method into the word!
With my package Spin!Up your life I support others in their holistic return to their true self, so that they are able to live their full potential and can experience and enjoy the fulfillment.

Inner balance comes along with outer balance as my own transformation illustrates:


My Result

Purple Glow



"With my 44 years I know my back inside out. The three-curve right convex scoliosis accompanies me since I was 8.

On the second day after having received "energetische Aufrichtung®" (Energetic alignment) I was sitting on my stool and working from home when there was suddenly a loud crack in my pelvis – so loud that I was scared first. You could hear it in the whole flat 😅. This has been a relief of my bloackage within the Ilioscal joint!

During the first week my back felt very soft. 3 weeks before felt totally tied up, I could not stretch. My shoulder stood out like a wing. 😳

Therefor I noticed a significant diffenece. One week after energetic straightening© through Irina I felt that my costral arch (called „package“ in Schroth) was much smaller with my hand.   

When looking into the mirror I saw that my right shoulder blade did not stand out so much anymore. I could stand more upright and the head was less skewed. 

In the second week I noticed: in the car while driving I saw more of the front lid 😅 and the Headup Display. I felt the hump less in the seat back.  I was astonished that. I did not expect such a change. I am never prejudiced. You must try really everything to find the right method for yourself.   

When I was 6 yo, I had a traumatic experience and two years later the scoliosis started. I am dealing with it since years.

The psyche is so strongly connected with our spine. We say it”s our „backbone“. 

It is absorbing everything, positive and negative feelings and memories. In our spine everything is connected, from the brain tot he feet, all nerve tracts, our soul, our body must be in oneness. Then we feel best. 

To sum it up: I had the chance to get to know Irina’s work and would recommend it to everyone. My motto is „the proof of the pudding is in the eating “. 

Thank you very much inded, dear Irina, for your energy and your time! 

Warm regards MR from Munich"

Qualification and Certificates

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